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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Answer received from PFC from Balls&Backbone

I wrote the Police and Fire Commission regarding the incident with Pipkin taking his kids to school with the unmarked SUV and being inside the school without calling in to dispatch for personal time during work time.  I talked to other departments and it was told to me that you should ALWAYS call yourself in and out of your vehicle (for personal time and used as your break) and it should never be used for personal use while on duty in case of an emergency and insurance liability. I guess Sparta has different rules. Gary Ascher responded in a letter received yesterday. He stated that my letter did not conform to the "filing of charges" as specified in Wisconsin State Statute and PFC Rules of Procedure. Also stating that if it were proven true , no work rule or law would have been violated.  Which is BS. Our mayor reinstated this no backbone dumbass (Gary Ascher)  Basically, they want to make it harder for me  to file a complaint. So another step is involved. I am requesting the City of Sparta Police Department Rules of Work and the PFC Rules of Procedure. I have also decide to purchase copies of David Coupers "Arrested Development" and donate copies to the library so anyone can read about how a police department should be ran. Educate yourself and realize that there is corruption in this "small town".


  1. David Coupers "Arrested Development" Great book

  2. David Couper was the Chief of Police in Madison for 25 years. He has made the department into a "role model" for all departments to follow.

  3. Wish there was a way to involve the attorney general or district attorney into investigating the ongoing corruption in the Sparta Police Department

  4. ConcernedSpartaCitizenJune 24, 2012 at 7:42 PM

    The district attorney is in cahoots with the SPD. They do his dirty work for him and they both have no understanding of Wisconsin State Law. The district attorney office should be cleaned up right along with the PD.