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Friday, May 11, 2012

Jumping through the hoops from Balls&Backbone

So like I said, I have requested the Sparta Police Department Rules of Work and the PFC Rules of Procedure.  I was then told it was too many pages and "what section did I want" ...Well, "the whole thing!" I have been told today that the copies I have requested would cost nearly $100. (close to 400 pages) I guess they are trying to make it hard for me to get this stuff...guess what? Start printing!! It's going to take more than $100 to make me back off.


  1. So I have noticed today that the dust bowl has moved in...what happened ? Couldn't keep up with keeping the sand wet so it wouldn't blow around? Wow. And it has only just begun. Go ahead and look on the south side of Highway 16...the sand is blowing all over hell. Go job city of Sparta...we will soon be covered. AGAIN, lied to.

  2. Your blog makes Sparta and yourself look bad. Anyone thinking of moving here will do an internet search, see your blog, all the negativity and bullying and change their minds. You really aren't helping Sparta at all.

    1. The blog doesnt make Sparta look bad...how about the number of registered sex offenders that live in Sparta (there's a draw) when you look online and how about two lawsuits against the same officer within two months? Dont take the blog down...start cleaning up the city!! This blog only brings notice to the crap that has been going on for years.

    2. I agree this blog absolutely does not make Sparta look bad, I believe it's some of the people in this town that do!

    3. Bullies like Angelini do make Sparta look bad. Angelini has a reputation in Sparta of trying to bully and itiminate other business owners. He only has himself to blame for his troubles with the Sparta police. He has had restraining orders put on him as well. Is this really the kind of person that Sparta wants for a mayor?

  3. ConcernedSpartaCitizenJune 24, 2012 at 6:16 PM

    I was planning on requesting this myself as I am crafting a formal complaint based on atrocious acts committed by the SPD yesterday. I also plan on writing a letter to the editor, the city, my state government and anyone else who will listen. I have asked for public support because I know there have been many instances of this kind of corruption and tyranny by the SPD. We all need to speak up and take a stand or this will never change.