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I started this blog for people who wish to express their concerns, frustrations or comments on the City of Sparta, WI. This is not a site to discuss rumors or personal matters. If a blogger does post rumors they will be deleted and the blogger will be removed.Feel free to express yourself under comments without fear of being targeted by police or city officials. Please remeber, what you write has to be factual or asked in question form. Comments will be posted by us if you tell us to. When signing in to comment please use a nickname that does not provide clues as to who you are or anonymous unless you want to be identified. Though we will try to always keep track of the all comments, to ensure your comments get posted on the front page leave comments on newest post.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big Mouth from Balls&Backbone

To the Genius who  threatened me to remove my blog within 24 hours about a month ago...I am still waiting for the authorities.  Did you get lost? I left the ball in your court, remember. I have my lawyers on standby, bail money ready...and the front door is open waiting for someone to arrest me.  Just like I thought, you are nothing more than a big mouth, wannabe smart guy...like the city administrator, Ken Witt. Because Ken Witt thinks he is a lawyer.  Dont you? You see, A good lawyer knows the law and a great lawyer knows the judge...and since you are neither, you can manipulate people to write and post comments for you.


  1. What is your obsession with Ken Witt? All this bullying you do just makes you look bad. None of it is funny, it's cruel.

  2. What is your problem with criticizing any one that is obviously not doing there job. I mean come on, when someone is obviously not doing there job or is giving co-workers, employees (friends) special treatment, or maybe even not investigating certain accusations thoroughly weather they think they know the person or not should be criticized! For real *bulling* do you even know what bulling is because it is not being critiqued on job performance or lack of performance!

    1. Angelini is a bully. He has bullied many people in Sparta including fellow business owners.