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Monday, April 16, 2012

Comedian Jim Wiggins from Balls&Backbone

This is Comedian Jim Wiggins. He is featured in todays (4/16/2012) LaCrosse Tribune's Monday Profile. Jim has traveled the country performing on stages from Los Angeles to New York and written for George Carlin, David Letterman and Chuck Barris. He made Sparta his home a few years ago.
Sparta does not know what they have here. Jim loves to make people laugh and does it well. Sparta should hire this guy during Butterfest to do a show or many shows. Sparta is LUCKY to have someone like this living in this town. Thank you Jim for being a good friend to our family.


  1. I had a chance to see Jim two weekends at Riverjacks in LaCrosse...he is hilarious. And all about life. He doesnt even try. Loved it.

  2. Jim is very funny

  3. He's truly fantastic... and so down to earth.. it's hilarious.