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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Proof of Sgt Pipkin from Balls&Backbone

March 29, 2012
Sgt Pipkins squad car in the school parking lot (taking care of personal matters) without reporting a break or even calling in or out of his squad. Taking advantage of his breaks which got him in trouble a few years ago (taking extended breaks). Sgt Pipkin thinking he is invincible, when really he is in my opinion nothing more then a thug and a bully with a badge.


  1. If he is a thug and a bully with a badge...What does it make you? At least be fair in this name calling...

    1. I'M the guy that like to help the Underdog against people like Sgt Pipkin who like to take advantage of the weak people and the police badge.

  2. Bull shit Pipkins is a bitch with a badge.take away the badge and he will run under his mother skirt like a little baby.I went to school with pikpkin and he like to make up storys and over exaggerate. AKA(LIAR)

  3. Anonymous:
    I'm glad you went to school! At least Sparta is doing something right. However, looking at your conventions...did you plateau at about second grade?

    Balls and Backbone:
    I'm glad you like to help the Underdog! So, if you're saying he's taking advantage of the weak people, and of the police badge, why is it that you feel threatened enough to try to call him out on something like being at a school? Has he taken advantage of you?

  4. Balls &backbone, don't even respond to this person. He/she isn't worth it. It doesn't even make any sense. I think it's pipkin or a family member. All they talk about is the school incident.

  5. I'm pretty sure he has the Balls to speak for himself. Besides, he's a very articulate man and I enjoy the intellectual conversation! I'm neither for, or against either party. I just enjoy playing Devil's advocate to provoke response...I guess I got you on that one Anonymous!

  6. He maybe was there to do the Pipkin bully presentations...nice to see our schools resource officer is not even involved with the presenting....Pipkin has made it clear that he bullies the department to allow him present bully presentations. It takes a bully to teach kids to stay away from people like him.