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I started this blog for people who wish to express their concerns, frustrations or comments on the City of Sparta, WI. This is not a site to discuss rumors or personal matters. If a blogger does post rumors they will be deleted and the blogger will be removed.Feel free to express yourself under comments without fear of being targeted by police or city officials. Please remeber, what you write has to be factual or asked in question form. Comments will be posted by us if you tell us to. When signing in to comment please use a nickname that does not provide clues as to who you are or anonymous unless you want to be identified. Though we will try to always keep track of the all comments, to ensure your comments get posted on the front page leave comments on newest post.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

City Administrators New Look from Balls&Backbone

When I logged in to my blog, I got the message that Blogger has a new look...well guess what, so does Ken Witt.  Now rumor has it, he initially liked his his first look (suit and tie) but after viewing it so many times on this blog and people commenting on it, he has updated his look to the right. A more casual laid back look.  He looks like he bought the shirt in a 80s retro shop. Does he have a Members Only jacket hanging in the corner? Horizontal stripes don't do a thing for anyone. Another thing I noticed, did he get his picture frames from a garage sale? All the money he makes? He should have gold frames. All BS on the side, this is his picture on the City of Sparta website. This picture represents Sparta, he is our city administrator. When I look at the right picture (new pic on website) I see laid back, unprofessional, unorganized, looks like he has his hands in his pants, sloppy. This is how he makes Sparta look. Only my opinion. Someone may have a different opinion. My advice for your next photo op, wear a nice suit, stand in front of city hall or a US Flag and do not smile(you have a fake smile). First consultation is free


  1. I'm originally from Sparta, but don't live there anymore. Thank God! Obviously, the people in Sparta don't have anything better to do than badmouth the people who help run their city. If you're all so smart, why don't you run for these positions yourselves? This blog makes Sparta citizens look like a bunch of redneck idiots--which is why I no longer live there.

    1. walcome to Sparta....the people who run the city are bunch of rednecks not the sparta citizens.