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Friday, April 13, 2012


So if Pipkin was suspended for two days without pay for taking extended lunch breaks...why in the world would nothing be done for the two recent lawsuits? if this true about taking his kids to school or being out of his car for extended periods of time then this guy should not be working for the police department. It seems as though the city is reluctant to punish him as it may result in a
favorable response to Mr. Angelini. And if Mr. Angelini does run for Mayor, this would definately be in his favor. THIS is why I feel that Sgt Pipkin is not being punished and still has a job. They are worried more about Angelini being
Mayor than a Sgt being a bad cop.


  1. Now that is a very interesting point of view. There may be a lot of truth to that.

  2. This is not a very good description of Sgt. Pipkin. He is actually a very good cop. The lawsuit brought against him by Tony Angelini is a joke. Tony was in the wrong, but people mainly the little thugs in Sparta are against officers that up hold the law. Not all cops can be bought like the ones Tony has in his pocket. There is a reason Tony hires, thugs and criminals. Officer Pipkin is one of the cops that isn't intimidated by Tony

  3. What about the $300,000 lawsuit regarding another police officer within 2 months of Angelinis? She must of had cops in her pocket too. Another very intelligent comment.

  4. I am very curious about the conduct of this Sgt. Pipkin. Could someone please provide a link in reference to this $300,000 lawsuit that I keep hearing about? A very plausible explanation for the lack of punishment of this officer could be that he, for lack of a better term, knows too much. I wouldn't be surprised if Sgt. Pipkin held information that would disgrace some high ranking police or other public official.