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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


With the recent hit list at the high school, I believe people, families and parents need to take this very seriously. Why did this young man feel he needed to do this? The people that should be reprimanded are those that were doing the bullying. There is a reason he felt this way. Bullying seems to be commonplace
and almost seems excused. Where do these kids get off thinking they are better than others ? It's pretty sad. Does everyone just turn their head to this?


  1. This is not comforting to a parent considering moving to Sparta.

  2. Sgt Pipkin does a great bullying presentation. With his experience it would be a well worth class.

  3. Funny that Angelini is talking about bulling when he is a big bully himself. Tony is someone who has a history of trying to bully other business owners. He also has a reputation of having a gang of thugs who will physically attack people. That is why the Sparta Police have a keen eye on Angelina. Toni Angelini is a joke. He either whines in the paper or tries to intimate, bully or use a gang to attack people. If Angelini is so tough why does he need a gang to back him up? Anyone who knows him away from his restaurant knows what Angelina is. Does Sparta really want a thug as mayor of Sparta?