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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sand Mining from anonymous

Before another sand mining company makes their way into our back yard (as it is going to happen...probably many more) we need to take a stand if you care about the quality of life for us and throughout the United States. Planning Commission is going to be voting on annexing land on both the east and west (yes, more) sides of town. Before this is a done deal, people need to show up at the city meetings and make a stink of this before it over takes us.


  1. Worry about the sand mine? We should worry about River Road. Do any you drive through the 1900+ block of River Road? It looks like the ghetto. Cars parked all over, in yards, garbage all over the place...why doesn't the city enforce the ordinances that they have.

  2. The sandmining explosion is a major long term concern for all of us. Seems like we jumped into it rather quickly. When something of this importance and magnitude comes to town we need to investigate, slow down, and weigh the advantages as well as the disadvantages. When is the next meeting?
    As far as River Road goes why is there no sidewalk? Very dangerous for the citizens of Sparta.

  3. You are 100% correct! I hate driving down that road. The 1st thing they can fix it the Boats, no one can have boats parked in the street. The city or police need to make them move the boats and trailers out of there NOW. It hurts the home owners around them and the city gets a black eye over it too. This should be an quick fix to the problem.