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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Oughta be a law that these critters need to live where they work. Fish bowl, my butt. Kass doesn't want any PR except what he agrees to. Never seen a more corrupt city government than Sparta.


  1. I'm not surprised with this town. Another subject, I was out last night and was at a couple different bars. What bothers me is when I see bartenders that are shitfaced, dancing on the bar not taking care of customers and not bothering to card anyone. Doesn't a bartender have to take a responsible server course? How is it responsible to be drinking behind the bar when you are to be responsible for the drinking in the bar? I got an idea, how about this...when someone gets a DUI , gets into an accident or anything...find out where that person was drinking at , give that bartender a sobriety test and if they fail, go after the bartender

  2. I said it once and I will say it again, there is nothing wrong with living in a fish bowl unless something fishy is going on...

  3. if that fish had glasses, it would be a spittin' image of chief Kass