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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ken Witt and mike kass From Balls&Backbone

Yes, we need to get rid of Pipkin...BUT he isnt the only one we need to get rid of. Lets see, you need to get rid of Ken Witt (aka Dimwit...thinks he is is the smartest man in the world) Chief Kass (wannabe big city cop, absolutely zero people skills) Lt.Dave Livingston (aka Pinnochio and also a devils advocate...does everything to protect his officers when they are wrong)officer Chris Welker (aka Minnie Me name given by Angelini... Mr. Ticket Happy, would give his mother a ticket for not making his peanut butter and jelly sandwich right)) and THEN we may see A LITTLE change in this town.


  1. This weekend I was out at some of the bars downtown. You would be surprised how many underage drinkers there are. some of the bars I believe they were the bartenders friends and that was the reason they were there. Another thing that was very noticeable was the drugs that go through some of these bars. In fact, someone came up to my boyfriend and asked if he knew where he could get "anything". if the chief of police was smart he would put some under cover guys in these places.

  2. in Friday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

    Waukesha - City officials have narrowed the number of finalists for city administrator to four, including two from Wisconsin and two from out of state, and spent Thursday interviewing the candidates.

    All four are current municipal managers or administrators in smaller communities.

    The four are:

    Kenneth L. Witt, administrator of Sparta, a community of 9,590, since 2001.

    Aaron Oppenheimer, village administrator of Bellevue, Wis., population 15,050, since 2007.

    Shawn J. Gillen, city administrator of Grand Rapids, Minn., population 11,800, since 2007.

    Thomas W. Barwin, village manager of Oak Park, Ill., population 53,000, from 2006 until March 1 of this year.

    Waukesha's population is about 70,000.

    In an email Friday, Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima said the process is on track for his recommendation of a city administrator to the Common Council for confirmation at a special meeting scheduled for June 26.

    A contract will be negotiated in the next few weeks, presumably with a salary in the range of $110,000 to $140,000 - the amount set by the council.

    Waukesha's last city administrator, Lori Luther, who was paid $117,000, left in August 2011 for a job as Peoria County (Ill.) administrator. Since then, Community Development Director Steve Crandell has been serving as interim city administrator.

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