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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Seriously, $300,000 awarded because of sexual discrimination stemming from 2005 incidence with, guess who, Sgt Pipkin? And this guy is still working? $25,000 last month, $300,000 this month...WOW, and Ken Witt has no comment. How about terminating the employee that is costing you money. You are telling me the fire and police commission, the city council will do NOTHING. WHAT A JOKE!

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  1. The city council should be ashamed of themselves for being cowards. They are as brainless as Ken Witt. We should get them all removed like they did with the County Board members. It would be great if the entire city quit paying their water bills and see how much more frivolous spending there would be. Maybe then there may consideration of cutting expenses (aka Sgt Pipkin) as they wouldn't be able to continue paying out settlements for incompetent employees. As for our mayor...do we even have one?