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Monday, March 19, 2012


The problem with this police department is at the top. chief kass is not doing his job by controlling the officers. of course, if you live in a different town, how would you know what is going on in this town. he wants to put in his 8 hrs and then leave. chief kass doesn't pay sparta taxes or doesn't shop in town. we give him a job that pays his salary and chief kass doesn't give back to our town. oh yes, thats right...he said he didn't want to live in a fish bowl


  1. In my opinion, Chief Kass isn't the only one to blame. I believe some of the credit should go to Gary Ascher, the chairman of the Police and Fire Commission. He too afraid to step on toes and take action against anyone. it seems as though he does it for the title, in my opinion.

  2. Gary Ascher should get a lot of this credit.

  3. I agree the Chief has to.

  4. chief kass should go back to menonomie.Oops they dont like him there either